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AppLovin is a mobile marketing platform. The company was founded in 2012, but operated in stealth mode until 2014. AppLovin is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

An angry customer shares a review in a a Danish consumer review website founded which hosts reviews of businesses worldwide, ¨Video ads kept starting over when interrupted, after ends you cannot close it until 15 sec for the button to appear. That means god-awful unrelated misleading persistent 30 seconds ads with fake playable ads on the end with extra 15 sec lockout until you can close the ads¨


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This glassdoor rating is a lie! As people mentioned before: Either you are in the club or you are not. The profile that they hire is pretty much the same all across the company. IPO is coming soon. But first, the company should pay 2 billion dollars in debt financing. If you are joining with hopes of a good $$ exit... good luck. They hire people and teach them to embrace the toxic culture of the company as if it is something normal. It is not. Look around, especially onto competitors. Vengeful culture. I've seen this and even the HR person was a bit troubled about implementing it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Politics galore at all levels of the org. Simply keeping your head down is not a sure fire strategy for staying out of the mess. Expect the culture you'd see at any other toxic gaming company. Poor employee performance isn't always communicated to the employee, but can become fodder for gossip. Therefore, you may not grow your skills because you won't be told that you need to. Work/life balance is non-existent. You'll be expected to be "on" when you're needed. That can include nights and weekends, it also means you're expected to be available while on vacation. You will not be given this information beforehand. Re: Vacation, you'll get 2 weeks per year. You will generally be allowed to take max 1 week at a time. Remote work is strongly discouraged, unless you're a favorite. No matter how you're courted through the interview & offer process, you won't know your standing until you're a few weeks into the role. You'll either be a favorite, or not. This favoritism is not based on performance. I've never seen so much yelling and so many tears in one office, I'm genuinely shocked at the high Glassdoor rating."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"there are many hidden networks of buddies. mgmt is ruthless looking only for bottom line . stock is not worth it they have to pay back the 2 billion dollars before you see any of it"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Firstly, I'd like to give you some background information about myself. I have more than 3 years of work experience in Applovin engineering department @ Palo Alto location. Previously the company was pretty promising for me in terms of career growth. Before taking the Applovin's offer I got several others. To tell the truth, Applovin's offer was less profitable than others, but I was assured that the company does performance reviews pretty often, so I'll catch up. Later I understood that it was a pure lie, so don't buy it. Even though you'll do a lot of work, improvements, that save some sizable amount of money for the company, it will not be a guarantee for career growth and success. Still you might not be a valuable employee to the company and your manager is not going to fight for you. Employees, who joined the company from the very beginning, were promoted at least a couple of times after I joined Applovin. So it seems that those people have higher priority, no matter how hard you work and what benefits you bring to a company. Unlimited vacation is a pure lie, so that's ridiculous to see it as a highlighted perk. It depends on a team but in most cases you're able to get ~2 weeks off /year and one week in a row only, so it’s time to say goodbye to your long trips. The hierarchical organizational structure is still at the initial level, so keep calm and be ready to report to your manager and to the manager of your manager. To sum up my main points. The company is right for you in case you want to gain some experience with high load systems/nice tech stack and you don't really care about promotions in a company. Though, if you want to have a career growth not just gain experience, this place might be not really good for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you want job security, Applovin is not the place for you. They have a core group of people who were in the first year or two of the company and they are the favorites, anybody else is pretty expendable. if you don't really fit into the culture it's best to just keep your head down and stay quiet and do a really good job. If you do fit into the company culture, be careful not to overstep or they'll boot you. They're also more likely to sever employees who underperform rather than coach them or help them become better. You'll also get little to zero feedback if things are going poorly and they aren't happy with your behavior/performance, so those who have been let go are always very shocked. basically they have a really low retention rate because they have a very competitive compensation and benefits package. They don't have a hard time hiring so they aren't afraid of laying employees off. The culture seems amazing but most of the people who make it that way have left to work remotely or are part of that early clique... which you can't get into no matter how hard you try."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People doing the same work can have very different salaries. There is little honesty/transparency about what is required to move up and how much of an chance you have for upward mobility. Lots of bureaucracy. Although some people are given many growth opportunities, others just aren't (for arbitrary reasons), despite explicitly asking for more challenging tasks. Although there is a lot I like about this job, these are just some things that are impossible to overlook. Another thing: people often have to work late or on weekends, with no overtime or any compensation for extra work, so if work/life balance is something you really need, this might not be the best fit."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"after first year it is a monotonous merry go round . Too late for stock value. company was sold."

Ajwad Imran says

"I have been using the network for years but recently it went down for roughly 4 days and the company is not only replying super late but also hiding information regarding what happened and neither are they going to compensate anyone. I would recommend you choose other ad networks."

Tho Rizon says

"Video ads kept starting over when interrupted, after ends you cannot close it until 15 sec for the button to appear. That means god-awful unrelated misleading persistent 30 seconds ads with fake playable ads on the end with extra 15 sec lockout until you can close the ads"

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